Episode 25

March 14, 2023


Mother Earth & Father Atmosphere

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William Atkinson
Mother Earth & Father Atmosphere
Plot Pit
Mother Earth & Father Atmosphere

Mar 14 2023 | 00:29:40


Show Notes

How is it that atmospheric beasts come to seed the galaxy with humans? #BeginTheDescent with author Jesse Lawrence in the first part of an author trilogy where we discuss atmospheric beasts, raining blood, and the seeding of the galaxy with humanity.  

Bio: J.F. Lawrence is a relatively new sci-fi author with novels for young adults and adults, including superheroes, space operas, and apocalyptic stories. He draws from his extensive science background, years in building tech, and descent into chronic illness to fuel his imagination for compelling characters and stories. Three fun details: He spent six months in Antarctica. He fell out of a redwood tree. He loves puns.

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