Episode 36

April 11, 2023


Anastasia & Rasputin

Hosted by

William Atkinson
Anastasia & Rasputin
Plot Pit
Anastasia & Rasputin

Apr 11 2023 | 00:25:25


Show Notes

R.W. Hague joins us today as we dive into the inner workings of the mind through a mysterious mental door. How does Anastasia discover her destiny? Will her love interest reveal his evil intentions? Begin The Descent & find out!

Bio: R.W. Hague is a registered nurse with over eight years of experience within the medical field. Using her medical expertise, she writes stories that are gritty and compelling.

Hague obtained her Associate's Degree in Nursing Science at Chattanooga State Technical Community College and later obtained her Bachelor's at East Tennessee State University. She has experience in med-surg, urology, nephrology, home healthcare, neuro-intensive care, and education. Currently, Hague teaches nursing students at a local university and lives on a mini-farm with her husband, toddler son, clever dog, loveable cat, and growing number of chickens and ducks.

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